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How To Style A Living Room Sofa

Have you found your dream sofa but don’t know how to style it? We are sharing with you some living room inspiration and a few tips and tricks on how to make it work with the rest of  your sitting room design. Sofa styling can make just as much of a statement as the sofa itself, turning your space into a chic and designer looking room. Here are some modern interior design ideas for your living room.

how to style a sofaHere are some tips on how to style a sofa:

living room inspiration modern sofas

  1. Start with a rug. It makes the space feel more homely and complements your living room. The safe option is to go for a neutral toned carpet and then add a pop of color through the pillows or wall art. living room inspiration modern sofas
  2. Finish the look with a blanket or furry throws and pillows. They look beautiful and add texture and comfort to the sofa. That’s what you want from your sofa, right? An inviting place to rest at the end of a long day.living room inspiration modern sofas
  3. Layer color and pattern. If you have a neutral toned sofa but love colors, create a pop of color with fun accent pillows in different patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix up. Instead of matching, complement the different colors or prints. how to style a sofa
  4. Combine it with other pieces of furniture. Floor lamps, a nice coffee table or maybe even some plants to bring a bit of nature home. Again, don’t be afraid, to mix different styles, colors or textures, it’s just important it all fits nicely.

Do you have any more tips on how to style a sofa? Why not to see more at Modern Sofas?

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