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How To Style A Patterned Sofa

Solid colors are not for you? We have gathered some living room ideas on how to style a patterned sofa since it is a great statement furniture piece for your living room. Although picking a sofa in a solid colored fabric is probably the safest option, patterned modern sofas can make pretty fantastic statement pieces that can do a lot to add beautiful interest to a space. Since these sofa types are a bit more complicated to style, Modern Sofas is here to give you some living room inspiration and ideas on how to style it.

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How To Style A Patterned Sofa

Living room ideas patterned sofaIf you’re not into patterned sofas, this is a great option for you. Pick a sofa in a bold, modern color and add some pillows in different patterns for a unique look. Scroll down for some inspiration on patterned sofas.

Living room ideas patterned sofa

If you want a statement patterned sofa but still want to keep the neutrals and simplicity, this modern sofa might be for you.

How To Style A Patterned Sofa
living room inspiration patterned sofas

These unique sofas are not for everyone but they will definitely be the start of your living room design. Let the sofa shine and add some neutral pillows to tone down the look.


Living room ideas patterned sofaAnother way to add a patterned sofa is to make it pop is keeping the rest of the décor simple, neutral and classic.

living room inspiration patterned sofasIf you do it right, combining different patterns and colors can look amazing in a room.

How To Style A Patterned Sofa

Living room ideas patterned sofaThese white sofas bring a lot of light to the room and have patterns so simple that really complement the rest of the décor.

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living room inspiration patterned sofasGo bold or go home. Both of these sofas have strong patterns but still look amazing paired with pillows or carpets in different prints and colors. It’s about finding a connecting point.

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Do you have any tips on how to style a patterned sofa? Share it with us!


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