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Surprising Designer Sofa Ideas By Ron Arad



Ron Arad is an Israeli industrial designer, artist and architect who has launched a stunning collection of contemporary modern sofas that will certainly surprise you! Through this article, you will get some surprising designer sofa ideas by Ron Arad.

Source: 10 Elegant Modern Sofas For A Surprising Entrance Hall


Surprising Designer Sofa Ideas By Ron Arad

Here’s our best sofa design from this selection. Full of striking nuances, this sofa gives colors, dynamism and “peps” to your interior design. To set in the middle of the living room, this eye-catching couch impressed us by its complex design made with quality materials. Adults, children and even animals will love it !

Surprising Designer Sofa Ideas By Ron Arad

Tremendous like an earthquake, this sofa named Folly has an outbreathing look that cannot be unnoticed. Full of movements displayed in such a finesse way, Ron Arad got inspired by the power of the Earth and the strengh of the Volcanos to give birth to this modern sofa.

Surprising Designer Sofa Ideas By Ron Arad

Called Gliter, this fun and sensual tub couch outlines soft and welcoming curves combining the experience of movement with comfort. A futurist sofa full of design.

Surprising Designer Sofa Ideas By Ron Arad

This sofa is an upholstered sofa-sculpture which is the perfect midway point between craft talent and design skill. Inspired by mattresses dumbed in the middle of the street, Ron Arab smartly restructured the idea to create this comfortable and innovative seat called by the fusion of the words “mattress” and Patrizia : Matrizia.


Surprising Designer Sofa Ideas By Ron Arad

And here’s the last piece of our selection from Ron Arad, reflecting well his innovative and avant-garde style.



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Source: Ron Arad

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