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9 Red Sofas That Will Add A Touch Of Boldness To Your Living Room Set

It is unlikely that there will be a more eccentric piece of furniture than a red sofa in the interior. At first glance, the use of furniture in bright colors may seem strange. However, experienced designers and ordinary people with good taste create stylish room designs using this idea. The main thing is to choose the right contrast, to be able to soften a saturated bright color with more calm tones or light shades. In this article you will see how a red sofa fits into the interior of a photo of fashionable red sofas will help to add your own home furnishings to your thoughts! 

Red in any number dominates the background of other colors, attracting the views of others. He represents power, strength, power. Creates a festive mood, stimulating to active life. As this red  ANDES 2 SEAT SOFA by BRABBU.

9 Red Sofas That Will Add A Touch Of Boldness To Your Living Room Set

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Red for most designers is one of the most favorite colors. With proper use, you can turn a dull, nondescript room into a fun, cheerful room. As we said, it’s important to choose the right shades and accents. There are many shades of red, to which designers often resort:

  • Brick-red
  • Terracotta
  • Noble color of wine

In rich interiors (baroque, empire), the red sofa adjoins with shades of noble materials (stones, valuable tree species, gold). In addition to sofas with expensive embroidery, red can be supported on curtains, Persian carpets, banquets, etc. The form of furniture is classical, streamlined.

Modern red sofa in a old room – rendering
9 Red Sofas That Will Add A Touch Of Boldness To Your Living Room Set
red sofas

The interior of the living room with a red sofa acquires a kind of pepper and originality. Most often this method is used in modern, seasoned interiors with a thoroughly thought out design. The main colors here are pastel and neutral.

This sectional is leatherette that complements with the brown chairs on the side; pretty walls and fireplace too!

9 Red Sofas That Will Add A Touch Of Boldness To Your Living Room Set
red sofas

The designers wanted to keep this room simple and open. We carried the red colors here as well. The vintage furnitures make a wonderful prop for this room.

The wall divider is really pretty against the wall. Adding a red sofa makes a whole difference.

red sofas


A sofa is an integral part of our life. At work, at home at a party, in the office, we settle on it more comfortable and do our own business. Red sofas are chosen by those who want to create an original interior, dilute boring shades, emphasize the solidity of their homes. Only do it with a taste. And if you are not sure about something, ask us questions. We are happy to help you fit a red sofa in your living space!

What is your favorite sofa for living room from this selection? We want to know! For more living room inspiration, visit our Pinterest or download our FREE eBook here!

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