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6 ideas how to choose the perfect chairs for a living room sofas

Sets of upholstered furniture, consisting of identical in design sofas and armchairs, is, of course, a classic. But boring and unfashionable. Much more interesting and textured mixed sets, composed of different models. Now such furniture mixes are the most actual. However, it is difficult for many to make kits independently. It’s not used. In fact, there is nothing difficult. There is a huge number of possible combinations for every taste. We offer them to your attention. Modern sofas bring to your attention: How to choose the perfect chairs for a living room sofas?

living room sofas

Modern or Art Nouveau

A distinctive feature of this style is the exquisite beauty and smoothness of the bends of each individual element. In addition, the developers of this innovative trend prefer non-natural materials (willow vine, wood, rattan, etc.), but artificial (glass, various types of metal, etc.) like this modern living room set by exclusive, handcrafted furniture and lighting from BRABBU, creating a luxurious yet welcoming ambience like anything other you have ever seen.

living room sofas


As already mentioned, this style is alien to the excessive pomposity of design. Moreover, each element of such furnishings has a certain semantic and functional load: the ascending seat hides the niche for linen, and the wide armrests replace a small table (on which you can put a cup of coffee or put a newspaper).

The optimal addition to this style can be chairs, relating to any of the popular areas today: high-tech, eclectic or classic. The main thing is that the models chosen by you differed with the most restrained color scheme and lack of an abundance of decorative elements.

living room sofas

The sofa in color is a neutral armchair. If you put the same armchair to a large colored sofa, an excess of color may appear. This is especially dangerous if the room is small. Upholstered furniture visually absorb the rest of the environment and will crush. Therefore, simple neutral chairs look good with colored sofas. If you want to add “intrigues”, you can choose a neutral chair in a different style.

living room sofas

Sofa and armchair in different colors. This scheme is for creating bright, cheerful living rooms. A light green sofa can be added to a lemon-colored chair; Purple sofa – pistachio chair; Turquoise – coral and the like.

living room sofas

Imperial style (empire)

If you own a sofa in this style, you can easily choose for him Gothic or classic chairs. These directions quite peacefully “neighbor” with each other. If you like the symmetry of the forms of the sofa, you can emphasize it, adding to this “king of the living rooms” chairs, decorated in the spirit of “minimalism.” Such objects of the situation are distinguished by the almost complete absence of decor elements, bright color spots, etc.

living room sofas

In this combination, the sofa and one of the armchairs have a different color. The second chair combines both these colors, being a link. For example: a white sofa, one blue armchair, a second armchair – white in a blue strip. This is a very harmonious, balanced scheme.



After this rewiew, do you want to buy a modern sofa for your home?What is your favorite sofa for living room from this selection? We want to know! For more living room inspiration, visit our Pinterest or download our FREE eBook here!

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