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The Room, Hamburg Designed by Frank Theuerkauf

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The Room, Hamburg Designed by Frank Theuerkauf

THE ROOM is a unique, exclusive Lounge Club built in 2013 and located on the Radisson Blu Hotel in Hamburg based on the concept of designer Frank Theuerkauf. THE ROOM consists of three different areas, Day Lounge, Bar and the Club. Whole concept of Lounge Club´s design varies threw all three areas as same time they are connected. Take a tour with us to this amazing interior design project masterpiece designed by Frank Theuerkauf and Lithos Design. Welcome to THE ROOM.

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The Room, Hamburg Designed by Frank Theuerkauf

Beside the Club area locates the “Blue Room”, which is distinguished by glazing, friezes on the mirror and padded furniture e.g. modern sofas in various shades of blue. The heart of the “Blue Room” consists of an enormous free-standing fireplace, installed in an existing load-bearing pillar placed right in the middle of the room. Even when its not real, fireplace creates comfortable atmosphere to the Blue Room.

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