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Top 9 Living Rooms Design From Paris

The French Style is undoubtedly chic. Paris is the epicenter of luxury with fashion, food, design, and lifestyle. That is why people want to put that style in their homes, more especially in their living rooms design, to feel comfortable with all the luxury.

Today we are going to talk about that, living rooms design. The spaces that were inspired in the French decor, details, luxurious furniture, chandeliers or even the colors.

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Let’s get some inspirations for your living rooms if you want to adopt that French Style.

Top 9 Living Rooms Design From Paris

This is a typical Parisian Living Room. All the decor remains to the time of Napoleon, as you can see the matching between the chandeliers, the walls sculpted with details and the big artwork with old pictures in them. The armchairs and the sofas are all from a great designer who wanted to remind the chic and vintage style.

Top 9 Living Rooms Design From Paris

This living room is based in Paris. The low table and the comfy sofas were inspired by the cube, says the designer.

Top 9 Living Rooms Design From Paris

This Living Room with the ornate mirror and the fresh-mint color on the walls makes the ambiance comfy. The sofas remind the style of Marie Antoinette, the Parisian Style.

Top 9 Living Rooms Design From Paris

This one is a little bit different. Full of colors and vintage furniture, this room has the splendor of Paris. The artwork reminds the wars that french warriors lived, remembering the past and all the details present in the chairs and sofas make the ambiance even more luxurious.

Top 9 Living Rooms Design From Paris

This ambiance is more modern, however, it stills having some points of french style. The Italian and beautiful chandelier mixed with European artwork and the bouquets of flowers, giving a fresh air.

Top 9 Living Rooms Design From Paris

This one represents the simplicity and the modern side of the city of Paris. As you can see the pop art is present in the walls and it looks like need to mark a state of mind and the furniture has simple traces. The ambiance also has neutral colors, despite the red sofa contrasting with everything. However, the bouquet of flowers looks like the transition between the colors.

Top 9 Living Rooms Design From Paris

This renovated apartment, despite having modern traces as you can see in the center table, it stills having some vintage and Parisian style like the fabrics in the pillows, the bouquet of flowers giving a little more color into the space or the artworks.

Top 9 Rooms Design From Paris

This living room mixes a lot of styles. Modern, in the sofas and armchairs, vintage in the artwork and chairs, and contemporaneous on the pillows.

Top 9 Rooms Design From Paris

Despite the modern accents like the artwork and the sofa, the designers wanted to remind the LUIS XVI style with the chair and the bureau à cylindre.

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Did you like this article? What was your favorite living room? Please, leave your comment below!

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