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BRABBU make your home a dream!

BRABBU make your home a dream!

Your home can be a dream with our products! BRABBU means everything when you want to make a change! If you always dreamed of a living room with your favourite colours and different styles, but you don’t dare to make that?

Don’t worry. We have the solution to your problems!

We also have the best trends, the best inspirations and the best home decor for you!

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The yearning desire for the perfect balance between strength and elegance led our designers to create the CASSIS Console. It features a structure in antique brushed brass and drawers and shelf in poplar wood veneer with palisander wood veneer. This wood console is the touch of Nature that every home decor longs for.


Nazca is a tectonic plate located in the southern Pacific Ocean. As a tribute to Mother Earth’s heartbeat, our designers created NAZCA Sideboard with a structure in matte walnut root veneer and a base in vintage brass matte. This 4-door sideboard will add a richer earth beat to any home decor.


The ethnicities of the mesmerizing Malay Archipelago inspired the creation of MALAY Velvet Armchair, a twist on mid-century modern furniture. This tufted upholstered chair with aged brass legs has a mystical soul that will fulfil your living room set with energy from Nature.


Malay | 2 Seater Sofa, is almost the same as Malay | Armchair. But this one is for two-person! You can share this sofa with your soulmate, with your family, with your friends, etc …


Cypres is a tree of many symbolisms and ornamental capabilities. Our CYPRES Floor Light was inspired by it, featuring a structure in glossy gold plated brass and shaders in gold plated brass and a base in white marble. This contemporary floor lamp is sure to impress in modern interior design.


In ancient manuscripts, messages were written on vellum, a fine and translucent material. Featuring a structure in hammered brushed aged brass, every story you create in your home will be highlighted by the warmth of VELLUM Suspension Light. Place this ceiling light above a modern sofa and relax with your latest read.


Turkana tribe is native from northwest Kenya. They expanded southwards, by conquering ethnic nations employing superior tactics of war, better weapons, and military organization. This path they have taken is visible on the TURKANA rug motifs, hand-tufted wool with the colours of the arid landscapes areas from this side of Africa, making the drums of soul sound louder wherever TURKANA rug is placed.


As you can see, with BRABBU anything is possible! You can mix colours, styles, patterns and keep the magic in the same place. Feel our way of living with new trends, inspirations and home decor!

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