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Greg Natale: Glamour in your interior design

Greg Natale Design… the perfection by passion and design Greg Natale Design The passion about interior design makes Greg Natale one of the best interior designers create his projects “with such sureness that they look as if they were always…

Greg Natale: Glamour in your interior design

After his graduation in interior design at the Design Center Enmore, in Sidney, and architecture at Sydney’s University of Technology, the interior designer started his own studio, Greg Natale Design, and since 2001 his projects have gone from strength to strength.

Greg Natale: Glamour in your interior design


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Greg Natale: Glamour in your interior design

Proof of your success and hard work is the numerous publications of his projects and designs in prestige magazines, such Architectural Digest, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair.

Greg Natale: Glamour in your interior design

Greg Natale’s design style is distinctive in so many ways, but I think what sets it apart is it’s extremely glamorous, it’s extremely luxurious, but it is also incredibly high on detail” – Neale Whitaker, Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Living

Greg Natale: Glamour in your interior design

Patterns and colours have always been the passion of Greg Natale but his love has been extended to explore new geometric and organic designs, in pieces like rugswallpapers, and furniture. These techniques used in interior design projects has become one of the marks of the studio. These strategies have contributed to making Greg Natale Design, one of Australia’s top interior design.

From classic apartments to contemporary houses, the Design Studio provides a full design service that goes from approvals of construction to interior decoration.

Greg Natale: Glamour in your interior design

If you already fall in love with the designs of Greg’s Design, you can always buy their inspirational books, where you can see some incredible spaces from Greg.

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