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The Most Beautiful Two Tone Modern Sofas

Although we don’t see them very often, if done with the right colors and place it in right ambience, two tone modern sofas can look very stylish, edgy and unique in your living room set. Not convinced? Here’s proof!

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The Most Beautiful Two Tone Modern Sofas

Probably our favorite sofa from this selection! From the unique, statement design of the sofa to the color scheme that pairs yellow with gray beautifully. It looks stunning without being a little too much in case if it was just yellow. At Hotel Thoumieux in Paris, designed by India Mahadvi.

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bb-upholstery-800The Most Beautiful Two Tone Modern Sofas

Charles Zana designed this mid-century modern home in shades of gray and yellow. The two tone vintage sofas give a pop of color to this living room furniture set.

The Most Beautiful Two Tone Modern Sofas

Here you can see more closely the work of Zana and this beautiful sofa!

The Most Beautiful Two Tone Modern Sofas

In the same house Charles Zana designed, there’s another living room with a two tone sofa in neutral colors that is even more beautiful than the other! If you like this trend but don’t want to go overboard, this is a great tip.

The Most Beautiful Two Tone Modern Sofas

Another way to not go overboard with two tone sofas, is to pick a bold and then a neutral color to keep the balance. At Alex Hotel, in Australia, interior design by Arent&Pyke.

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The Most Beautiful Two Tone Modern Sofas

A more unique velvet sofa design but equally stunning! This one is part of a collection of amazing sofas designed by Vladimir Kagan.

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The Most Beautiful Two Tone Modern Sofas

If you’re into leather and two tone sofas, you can also have the best of both worlds!

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The Most Beautiful Two Tone Modern Sofas

A different example of a two tone sofa. This one is Versailles from Boca do Lobo.

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What is your favorite modern sofa from our selection? For more living room inspiration, visit our Pinterest!


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