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Tips to Rock your Bedroom Decor in 2018

A bedroom decor is one of the most important elements of your space when you are trying to decorate the ambiance. A bedroom is a place where we can switch off from our busy lives and retire for a restful night’s sleep. A place where we want to feel comfortable. Because of that, today I bring here some of the bedroom decors to inspire you to decorate yours.

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Inspire yourself down below and find out your best bedroom decor to your house!

«Inspire yourself here

Dark brooding colors

Tips to Rock your Bedroom Decor in 2018

Strong colors are being used in 2018 and your bedroom is no exception. Try to use brooding violet, night-sky navy or emerald green on your walls, floor or even in your furniture and check out the magic happening.

Tips to Rock your Bedroom Decor in 2018

On the other hand, if you don’t wanna use these colors of your walls and powerful surfaces, try draping a romantically dark velvet throw over the top of lighter sheets.

Woven Furniture

Tips to Rock your Bedroom Decor in 2018

If you prefer a natural bedroom, try to use woven furniture. Being durable and lightweight, this type of furniture is increasing in the design world. This type of decor shows how the 70’s decade can be modern.

Tips to Rock your Bedroom Decor in 2018

This photo shows how diversified can be this type of furniture. With a lot of details in it, the bed is beautiful for its style. It can transmit into the room the feel of real nature inside of your home.

Soft lighting

Tips to Rock your Bedroom Decor in 2018

A bedroom is one of the most important divisions of your home where the light is the possibly the first thing to think. It’s all about being able to control the level of light to suit you. The lights should be kept to a low level at least an hour before lights out, to help our brains adjust and make it easier to drift off to sleep.

Tips to Rock your Bedroom Decor in 2018

As you can see, pendants suspended on either side of the bed, over bedside tables, is a great way to make a real style statement. Pendants are a popular bedroom choice because they add a dramatic decorative touch.

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Perfect Imperfections

Tips to Rock your Bedroom Decor in 2018

There is a fashion emerging for beautiful imperfections. From the sheets to the pillowcases, having perfect finishes is not important. It means don’t worry too much about the sheets being pristine and ironed. The imperfectly perfect bed look is big news this season!

Tips to Rock your Bedroom in 2018

With this new trend just adds a touch of personality to your decor. Look at this picture and is a very simple bedroom, an imperfect sheet bed makes all the ambiance.

Well-being and mindfulness

Tips to Rock your Bedroom in 2018

Amidst our fast-paced lives, our bedrooms are one of our most sacred downtime spaces, yet so often they are overlooked and not conducive to a good night’s sleep. That’s why turn it on more comfortable is so important.

Shutting out the light

Tips to Rock your Bedroom in 2018

If your sleep is disturbed by the sunlight, this is might the solution. Keeping the shutters closed will block out all light in the evening, whilst during the day you can open them fully to clear the window allowing daylight light in.

Statement carpets

Tips to Rock your Bedroom in 2018

A carpet can add some color, texture, and personality into a room. However, a different carpet can totally change the ambiance and that’s why in the time of choosing one is so complicated.

Tips to Rock your Bedroom in 2018

Carpet is a real investment so it’s only natural to think practical, but who says practical can’t show off a little bit more personality? If you like stripes, be brave and take a risk! This one, for example, is from BRABBU, the CAUCA rug.

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What is your favorite bedroom decor from this article? We want to know, please leave your comment below.

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