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Meet These BRABBU’s Modern Sofas

Do you want to give a new decor to your Living Room with Modern Sofas, by choosing the comfortable ones? Do you have a project where your client directly asked you for the best upholstery?

Meet BRABBU, a design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength, and power into an urban lifestyle. They diverse customization solutions, a wide range of materials, fabrics, and finishes provide you with all the elements for a winning project.


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Inspire Yourself Here

Let’s know some BRABBU’s Pieces and get inspired by them. Below, I will present you the brand Modern Sofas and talk about them. For example, I will show you the dimensions, fabrics and give you some ambiances to inspire you. Check out.

Andes | 2 Seat Sofa


The first one is called by Andes | 2 Seat Sofa. Is a mid-century modern furniture piece that pays tribute this to the Andes’s mountains as the name says. Besides the strong presence, this sofa gives a graceful touch to any home decor.

Is customizable but if you want to know the dimensions of the Andes Sofa, it has a width of 200 cm | 78,4 and a height of 79 cm | 31,10. Is made by Cotton Velvet and the legs are matte aged brass.

» Andes | 2 Seat Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

Here you can an example of how good it fits in a dark living room, where you can customize with a Bordeaux color.

Wales | Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

This sofa, the name Wales | Sofa, pays tribute to the country’s history of the Middle Ages.

Upholstered in cotton velvet and with a base in matte vintage brass, this curved sofa features a golden polished nailhead trim that makes it even more elegant. With a width of 220 cm | 86,6 and a height of 76 cm | 29,9, this is a perfect choice.

» Wales | Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

In a different color, as you can see, here you can inspire yourself and understand how beautiful the sofa looks in a modern living room.

Pearl | Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

Pearl is a noble material used both in jewelry and interior design. PEARL | Sofa features a base in matte vintage brass that gives it a charming touch.

This elegant sofa has of width 243 cm | 94,5 and a height of 86 cm | 33,9. Made with cotton velvet, a fabric very famous in the brand, the base is a matte vintage brass.

» Pearl | Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

This channel-tufted sofa is perfect for an elegant and timeless living room design.

Maya | 2 Seat Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

The Maya civilization had maize as one of the primary elements of their culture. Personified as a woman, Maya’s Maize God was the inspiration behind MAYA | 2 Seat Sofa.

Having the Cotton Velvet as the fabric and matte aged brass legs, this sofa has a dimension of 144 cm | 56,69 width and 83 cm | 32,68 height.

» MAYA | 2 Seat Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

With legs in matte aged brass, this velvet sofa and customized sofa has the sensual and delicate forms of the goddess, making it the perfect seating solution for an elegant living room set.

Hermes | Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

The inspiration behind HERMES | Sofa is Hermes, the God of boundaries, travel, and communication. A God in Greek Mythology.

Is a living room sofa upholstered in cotton velvet and legs in polished brass that has the dimensions of 240 cm | 94,5 width and 90 cm | 35,4 height.

» HERMES | Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

It is a statement mid-century modern sofa capable of transforming any room.

MAREE | Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

The Scottish Loch Maree is surrounded by a picturesque mountain with a rugged landscape. MAREE | Sofa portrays that rough landscape softened by the tufted cotton velvet.

With a lot of customizable options, this sofa, besides the velvet fabric and the matte lacquered legs, has a width 264 cm | 103,93 of and a height of 94 cm | 37.

» MAREE | Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas
Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

Above, you can see two images of how this sofa impresses in a living room. It gives a modern flair to the classic Chesterfield sofa.

ZULU | 2 Seat Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

Zulu is the largest ethnic group in South Africa and the one who inspired ZULU | Sofa.

Fully upholstered in cotton velvet, even the legs, this sofa width is 140 cm | 55,11 and height is 82 cm | 32,28.

» ZULU | 2 Seat Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

This button-tufted sofa is full of personality, making it an unforgettable sofa design whether the room it is placed in.

NAJ | 2 Seat Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

Last but not least, you can see the NAJ | 2 Seat Sofa, inspired by the Naj Tunichm in Guatemala the BRABBU’s designers made a small sofa fully upholstered in cotton velvet with nickeled nails.

The dimensions of this sofa are 142 cm | 55,90 of width and of 79 cm | 31,10 of height. For the materials, you can find the cotton velvet fabric with upholstered legs and nickeled nails. As you can see it’s also customizable.

» NAJ | 2 Seat Sofa

Meet These BRABBU's Modern Sofas

As you can see, this fabric sofa is sure to make a statement in a modern living room.

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