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Spaces by Jacflash – Luxurious Design by Jaclyn Genovese

Spaces By Jacflash is a Canada-based top interior design firm, that was founded in 2013 by Jaclyn Genovese. She is an interior designer who is absolutely passionate about fitness and nutrition. She started first with a fashion boutique, that easily transformed into a luxury design and décor.

Spaces by Jacflash – Luxurious Design by Jaclyn Genovese

Once a fashion boutique, she transformed her life’s work into a fantastic luxury design industry.

“I love the satisfaction of creating a finished project and seeing how ecstatic my clients are during the reveal. It is easy to get emotionally involved in a project so to see someone love their new space as much as I do is extremely fulfilling”.

So, the interior designer rejoyces on the embellishment of every project, for every client that she embraces. She takes on an emotional feeling once she sees the final results within every project.

Spaces by Jacflash – Luxurious Design by Jaclyn Genovese

One thing that really fulfils the interior designer at a professional level is the ability to establish designs that perfectly reflect their client’s taste and personality.


“I love creating designs that reflect my client’s personality. When my clients reveal how much they love their new space and how it truly feels like them, this is the most fulfilling aspect of my job. Nothing beats the final day of staging and the client reveal”!


Once their feedback about the project is amazing, she’s completely satisfied with her work method, also being able to join her design identity. Her design identity easily resembles her inspiration on top designers such as Christian Liagre, Kelly Wearstler and Christine Dovey. “My inspiration can differ depending on the client’s style, needs, wants, budget and space itself”.

Spaces by Jacflash – Luxurious Design by Jaclyn Genovese

Jaclyn’s love for fashion allowed for an obvious and easy transition to interiors; where she once connected with retail clients and suggested outfits suitable to their personal style, she chooses furniture and accessories that reflect her design clients’ taste and lifestyle.

“We have worked with many clients and every single one is entirely different than the last. One client that we are working with wants his condo to essentially look like a showroom. He does not want a toothbrush out, things like cooking and laundry are not a priority to him. He doesn’t require a lot of storage space and everything in the condo is designed around entertaining.

It was quite surprising that functionality was not his main concern, but his overall goal is to be able to bring the client’s to his space to host. Alternatively, I also have a client with 3 children, whose main concern is functionality, organization, and keeping their space as homey feeling as possible”.

Spaces by Jacflash – Luxurious Design by Jaclyn Genovese

Social media is her favourite tool to get the work discovered by potential clients. In that order, she creates a personal relationship with her clients, giving the opportunity for the audience to keep up.

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Spaces by Jacflash – Luxurious Design by Jaclyn Genovese

Spaces by Jacflash has already been featured in publications including The Globe & Mail, Toronto Life and City Life Mag. Most recently, Jaclyn won Interior Designer of the Year at the 2018 Notable Awards. The award sits proudly on the mantle of her Bloor West townhouse, which received its own Spaces by Jacflash makeover in 2017.

Spaces by Jacflash – Luxurious Design by Jaclyn Genovese

The interior designer believes that the craftsmanship is being led by Europe, especially with Poliform, which she considers as a top brand. Jaclyn Genovese, the head designer for Spaces by Jacflash, firmly believes in the development of “optimal quality, reliability and innovation” within the interior design industry.


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