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Modern Mid-Century Design – The Best Sofas

Modern Mid-Century Design was created by people who believe in simple yet sophisticated architecture or interior design. Flat roofs and ceiling plus asymmetric appearance are the focal points of the atmosphere. The use of wide glass and open room are also an important point to Modern Mid-Century Design lovers. The products of Modern Mind-Century Design are simply objecting with a timeless look, where the colour creates the most interesting factor in the product. The designers choose exotic woods mixed with other materials, such as metal, to create a versatile style that allows total customisation of the house.

This article was originally published on November 11, 2020.

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Modern Mid-Century Design – The Best Sofas

This living room with modern mid-century design has the Wales II Sofa, Zulu Armchairs, Lallan Center Table and Cyrus Floor Light.

Wales II Sofa

Often called the “Land of Castles”, Wales has some of the most impressive monuments of the Middle Ages. WALES II Sofa pays tribute to the country’s history. Upholstered in cotton velvet and with a base in matte vintage brass, this curved sofa features a bronze renaissance nailhead trim that makes it even more elegant.

Collected Interiors Book

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Modern Mid-Century Design is timeless because it got clean lines and uses different materials. The furnishings are functional with minimal ornamentation, a different choice between traditional and not so traditional materials, as well as contrasting materials.

The colour palette of Modern Mid-Century Design is very vast, going from neutrals to bold colours; black and white are also a choice between the lovers of this style.

This living room has the Maya Sofa, Noaki Stool, Lallan II Center Table and Cypres Floor Light.

Modern Mid-Century Design homes have https://transparentpharmacy.net straight and horizontal lines, an abundance of glass, and large windows. This is the perfect way to connect the outside world with the world inside of our homes!

This library has the Bourbon II Sofa, Agra Coffee Table and Ombak Wall Light.

They also have open spaces with separation elements, such as free-standings cabinets or minimal ornamentation. Modern Mid-Century Design is an exclusive and unique style, where innovation is a focus keyword. The furnishings are not mass-produced, creating a unique personality to the house.

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Modern Mid-Century Design – The Best Sofas

This bathroom has the Dalyan 2 Seat Sofa, Cay Mirror and Petra Bathtub.

By using a few key items of furniture we will redefine our interior design point and create a focal point in the room. Once we have decided what the key products are, everything will fall into place around it.

Modern Mid-Century Design – The Best Sofas

This reading corner has the Como Chaise Longue, Mecca II Side Table and Oslo Rug from Rug’Society.

Como Chaise Longue

Lake Como, in Italy, is known for its dramatic scenery. Inspired in its typical water lilies, COMO Chaise Lounge, fully made in cotton velvet, is a tribute to natural beauty.

Modern Mid-Century Style is appealing to everyone. Warm design, earthy tones that create nature-inspired interiors, with trendy colours adding a touch of sparkle into the room.

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Modern Mid-Century Design – The Best Sofas

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writen by Mariana Alves

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