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Claudia Merlotti’s Amazing Residential Interior Design Projects

Switzerland’s potential for exquisite workmanship and art is unrivaled, therefore it’s no wonder that the Swiss Made quality mark is so well-known across the world. Geneva, in particular, is a city bursting to the seams with creativity, which has resulted in a slew of successful businesses, notably in the field of interior design. Today, we present Claudia Merlotti’s Amazing Residential Interior Design Projects to you with great pleasure.

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Claudia Merlotti

For over 20 years, Claudia Merlotti has been advising and supporting her customers in private and business furnishing projects at home and abroad. 

Claudia Merlotti

Thanks to Claudia Merlotti’s long-term cooperation with selected partner companies, she guarantees that the developed concept will always be implemented professionally.

Claudia Merlotti

Claudia Merlotti has been self-employed since 1995, is specialized as interior decorator EFZ / Muralto AG, and has more than 10 years in the planning and housing advice at Neumarkt 17 interior fittings. She then, got additional training to become an interior designer in Zurich.


Claudia Merlotti’s Projects

1. Six Room Apartment in Walenstadt

Claudia Merlotti

Impressive interior design project by Claudia Merlotti, featuring a very neutral palette, composed of beige and grey primarily. The white walls and lamp accentuate perfectly the neutral tones.



2. Five Room Apartment in Zürich

Claudia Merlotti

Simple lines and clean-looking furniture where everything serves its purpose, that was the aim of Claudia Merlotti on this project. She achieved a timeless design, with simplicity in mind.

3. Five and a Half Room Apartment in Zürich Höngg

Claudia Merlotti

Elegant and refined living room interior design project, by Claudia Merlotti, featuring comfortable and practical furniture, and soft and well-defined lines. A neutral palette was chosen for its timeless design.



4. Five Bedroom Apartment Miles

Claudia Merlotti

A darker tone approach, with some black and white touches, and Claudia Merlotti had in mind the painting behind it, contrasting with the rest of the living room.

5. Four and a Half Room Apartment in Küsnacht

Claudia Merlotti

Clean look and simple lines are the go-to interior design tips for Claudia Merlotti. She designs everything with such care and appreciation that every project reflects her deep-rooted passion for interior design.

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6. Six Room House in Küsnacht

An amazing open space living room interior design by Claudia Merlotti. For a musician, creativity is the key to success, and what better room to boost creativity than an open space living room with a big window to contemplate the world? Nothing.



7. Villa Watt

Classic interior design project, with modern furniture such as couches and armchairs. Claudia Merlotti uses grey and white as the layout of the canvas and then sprinkles it with touches of color throughout the painting.

8. Villa Wollerau

Modern and contemporary interior design project, designed by Claudia Merlotti. The use of more vibrant colors and nuances gives a touch of differentiating in her style.

9. Penthouse Project

Clean black and white design, with elegant made-to-be-used furniture.

10. Loft in Zürich

A quiet reading corner for people to enjoy a good book or just skim through their favorite tv show, a place to relax.

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