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BOND Unique Homes Modern Sofa Design

BOND Unique Homes was founded by Boris Rupnik and Boris Grießhaber. Boris Rupnik is one of the most sought-after smart home experts in Europe. Together with his team, he implements technical lifestyle solutions in the areas of home networking, security, and comfort for discerning private customers. Holistic project management and the development of individual technical special solutions are part of his daily business. Boris Grießhaber has been a market player in the Düsseldorf real estate market for 17 years. The real estate expert brings his experience from the development and marketing of countless properties in the upscale private segment specifically to the BOND projects. The conception and development of innovative and holistic residential concepts with a unique style and special quality of stay are among his fields of activity.

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BOND Unique Homes Approach

Intelligent living and smart home technology have arrived a long time ago on the market. However, technical solutions are still primarily retrofitted and are not core elements of the overall concept. BOND starts at this point and develops future-proof real estate which, in addition to a unique stylistic signature, has the topics of security, comfort, and entertainment deeply rooted in its DNA. 

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BOND Unique Homes

“BOND realizes innovative living concepts that make the future literally accessible today, and in the process helps shape the future of living. What was once science fiction is now being implemented by BOND. There are no limits to the imagination.”-BOND

BOND Unique Homes Interior Design


bond unique homes living room with a modern grey sofa, on a loft that has a scandinavian style.


living room of bond unique homes with a modern grey sofa in a material that seems to be leather, and a tv, and high cielings, there's also the a high use of wood.
BOND Unique Homes

BOND | Unique Homes develops timeless, elegant properties that offer their residents the highest quality of life. Wether it’s a new home built from scratch or a renovation, BOND will design it perfectly. Their customers particularly appreciate the fact that they are the sole contact partner for their perfect project from the initial idea to completion. Whether they are implementing the projects at home or abroad: Around 30 renowned and owner-managed companies from all relevant trades work with them in a well-established partnership, sharing the passion for perfection, craftsmanship and first-class service.

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modern living room deisgn with a modern sofa. The living room has a strong grey tone, with some whit eon the walls contrasting.


modern living space from BOND Unique homes, with a green rug, a grey spfa with grey pillow, beautiful suspension lights on top of the center tables next to the sofa and we also see the kitchen.
BOND Unique Homes

BOND usesphotorealistic visualizations. What you see is what you get! It serve as a valuable decision-making aid during the planning process. “You don’t need to imagine anything and in the end everything will turn out just as planned.”

book dining rooms


modern grey sofa that is made of "blocks" and they kind of just mesh all toghether giving freedom to the client to assemble it in any order they enjoy.


fornt view of the preivous image with the grey "blocks" sofa, we also see the gold ceiling light, a dining room with white chairs, as well as the kitchen with an island and counter stools. There's also a cozy fire place on the wall.
BOND Unique Homes

BOND provides a full service, from inspiration, conception, and realization! They offer integrated services in the field of interior and room planning. They also have several showrooms in Germany, where their clients can visit and see their work. These showrooms are some of the most modern exhibitions for living ideas.

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luxurious living room with a big green sofa that take sup most of the space, a nice black rug underneath creating some contrast, some suspension lights coming from the top floor and we also get a peek of the dining room, as well as the pool area.

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writen by Mariana Alves

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