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Sofia Joelsson Design – Modern Sofa Inspiration

Sofia Joelsson Design was founded by Sofia Joelsson, a native of Sweden, who immigrated to the United States in 1998 to pursue her passion for interior design. Her inspired aesthetic and successful style has led her to design spectacular homes for her private clients, as well as other projects. Sofia Joelsson Design, in addition to comprehensive house build-outs, customizes furniture and sells a handpicked collection of attractive home furnishings.

Sofia Joelsson Design Philosophy

Sofia Joelsoon Design is known for her thorough design approach that precisely fits her clients’ lifestyles, comprehending and translating it into living spaces that are not only beautiful but also become extensions of the people who live there. Her mission is to capture the essence of their ideal home and create a space that combines luxury with comfort, pleasure with wellness, and technology with simplicity.

Sofia’s ambitious and meticulous approach to design inspires her to be creative. Her travels throughout the world allow her to visit design markets in search of new cutting-edge materials, technologies, objects, and concepts. Sofia is able to personalize her work to the exact requirements of each client. Sofia Joelsoon Design’s ultimate goal is for clients to feel as at ease and pampered in their own homes as they would in a five-star hotel.

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Sofia Joelsson Design Sofa Inspiration

The largely Italian furniture is a wonderful blend of Europe’s best materials and artists’ craftsmanship from luxury merchants. Sofia Joelsson Design creates a highly individualized design idea based on her clients’ particular wants and goals, whether the project involves interior restoration, finishing, or new construction.

The initial conversation gives Sofia Joelsson Design an excellent opportunity to learn about a client’s likes and dislikes, favourite colours and styles, how they want a space to feel, and the life they picture within their home’s walls.

Sofia Joelsson Design Projects


W-Hotel South Beach Penthouse with colors palette inspired on PH's ever-blue skies and ocean. This Project was developed by Sofia Joelsson Design.
Sofia Joelsson Design

Instead of the previous colour palette of wenge-coloured wood and dark green, the family wanted something beachy and light this time. The colour palette was inspired by the PH’s ever-blue skies and ocean, which can be seen from all angles. To have a matchy design with all the environment of the mansion, Sofia had some inspiration on modern and classic sofas to give harmony to the room. The Sofia Joelsson Design projects team recommended the warmth of a wood floor but in a porcelain material to produce a unit that could be readily maintained.


Fisher Island Home Miami is a modern condominium by Sofia Joelsson Design that has a multipurpose sofa that gives the living room an "open space" charm.
Sofia Joelsson Design

Sofia created a modern condominium within one of the island’s distinctive Mediterranean Revival residential buildings on exclusive Fisher Island off the coast of South Beach. Striped carpeting complements the stylish wood panelling and recessed interior lighting fixtures on the inside. Sofia Joelsson Design picked a multipurpose sofa where a larger number of people may socialize to give the living area an “open space” charm. They chose pastel and brown tones to contrast with the room’s beauty and to ensure that all of the pieces were in harmony.


In the Great Jones Penthouse, Sofia Joelsson Design decided to give some dark and neutral tones to give a natural air to the room.
Sofia Joelsson Design

This two-story penthouse was designed in collaboration with the developer of this new Noho exclusive building for 2019. Sofia Joelsson Design arrived early to adjust the developer’s floorplan to meet the client’s requirements.

The exceptional lighting in the flow-through unit provided an opportunity to combine a natural foundation colour palette with deep tones in furnishings such as the leather sofa.

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57 Ocean Penthouse is a Sofia Joelsson Design that uses golden and soft tones to create a relaxing atmosphere from the beach.
Sofia Joelsson Design

When Multiplan hired Sofia to design the concept for their $40 million penthouses, they specified that it be the most stunning penthouse on the ocean in the neighbourhood, complete with all the bells and whistles. Sofia Joelsson Design used a lot of elegance and glamour in this project, especially in the living room and on the quirky sofas. Sofia was inspired by golden and soft tones in order to create a relaxing atmosphere in front of the beach.


Sofia Joelsson Design

Sofia Joelsson Design and her modernist style were softened by historic features that complemented the outside shingle style of a typical Long Island South Shore cottage. The two-story grand sala was designed with modernist touches such as a fluttering light fixture reminiscent of an auréola and low-slung sofas that emphasize the space.


Sunset Harbor Miami Estate is a project by Sofia Joelsson Design with an open-space dining and living room.
Sofia Joelsson Design

Every home requires a modern open-space dining and living room design to have two distinct divisions that are used by not only the residents but also guests during parties or holidays. This lovely living room, Sofia Joelsson Design, wanted to feature a velvet sofa that provides a lengthy and comfortable seating solution for this modern open concept dining and living area.

Inspired by the look
Inspired by the look with some Sofia Joelsson Design inspiration.

Inspired by the look


7- Glass Miami Beach is a project near the beach, and Sofia Joelsson Design chose to use a bright and clean design.
Sofia Joelsson Design

This living room guards a priceless treasure: social interactions. Comfort and elegance are sometimes overlooked in living room design in favour of practicality and functionality. A bright and clean design is required in all coastal areas. In order to match the rest of the living area, Sofia Joelsson Design chose a white sofa.


321 Ocean Drive Miami Duplex project by Sofia Joelsson Design is a residence with an unusual blue velvet sofa that adds a high-end dimension to the room.
Sofia Joelsson Design

The living room is the heart of the home. It is there that we congregate with our friends and family, and it is there that we seek solace. Sofia Joelson Design features an unusual blue velvet sofa that adds dimension and a distinct look from a typical living area. It has a strong, contemporary, but also opulent feel about it.

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writen by Mariana Alves

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